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Wifi in Chile

There are tons of places to get free Internet wifi in Chile. You just need to know where to find it and how to connect.

wifi in Chile


Expect to see wifi hot spots in the traditional locations like coffee shops and wherever you’d sit and eat or spend some time.

Hotels and hostels also typically have Internet access. Free wireless wifi in Chile is growing in popularity; however, many hotels still like to charge for this access.

Santiago Metro

Many stations of the Santiago Metro system have free public wifi. The downside of wifi in Chile’s subway system is that you have to login with your national ID number (called a RUT) which, as a foreigner, you likely do not have. Upon logging in to access the Internet, you’ll have a free 30 minute session.

Public Parks

Free public wifi is available in many of the large public plazas in Santiago like Plaza de Armas and Plaza Brazil.

Ask for the Password

While you’ll find free wifi in Chile, many of the wireless networks are secured, which means you’ll need the password. Many cafés or restaurants will secure their networks so that only customers may use the service.

If you notice a secure wifi network where you are visiting, just ask for the password. If you’ve already bought some food, it shouldn’t be a problem or provide any awkward moments.

Simply go up to the counter or ask and employee for the clave or password. For example: “¿Cúal es la clave para la red wifi?”

Don’t be surprised if the employee helping you writes down the password on a scrap paper and hands it to you.

Map of Free Wifi in Chile

These sites have fairly accurate maps of open and free wifi in Chile so you can find a location near you:–Santiago

As time passes, accessing Internet wifi in Chile is becoming more and more like accessing it anywhere else in the world. So regardless of where you’re from, getting on the Internet should be a very familiar process.

Picture by Esme Vos

Posted May 2nd, 2012 in Travel Tips.

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