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How Foreigners Can Avoid Chile’s IVA Tax

Chile has a tax called Impuesto al Valor Agregado–commonly referred to as IVA–that is built into the price of almost everything you buy. Other countries call this tax the Value Add Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST). How Much is IVA in Chile? IVA in Chile is a flat 19%. You won’t see […]

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Posted March 17, 2010 in Ask Pepe, Business, Travel, Travel Tips | 3 Comments »

Minimum Wage in Chile

The minimum wage a worker in Chile can earn each month is set by law. This is usually adjusted yearly based on inflation. Chile’s Minimum Wage and Ethical Minimum Wage As of 2009, the minimum wage in Chile is $165,000 Chilean pesos or about $300 US dollars. This is the minimum amount a worker should […]

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Posted October 21, 2009 in Business, Culture | 7 Comments »

Why is copper so important to Chile?

Chile has over a third of all the copper reserves in the world. This abundance of copper has turned it into Chile’s major export, far outpacing other agriculture products. Where is Chile’s Copper? Copper has been mined in northern Chile since before pre-colonial times and before Chile was even a country. The mineral-rich northern territory […]

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Posted October 14, 2009 in Business | 2 Comments »

Chile’s Free Trade Agreements

Chile relies heavily on its exports to fuel its economy. To help international trade of both Chile’s exports and imports arriving to the country, Chile has signed several free trade agreements over the years. Chile’s Free Trade Agreement Partners Chile has signed free trade agreements with the following countries and blocs: Australia (2008) Panama (2008) […]

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Posted October 7, 2009 in Business | 2 Comments »

New Chilean $5000 Pesos Bill to Enter Circulation

The Central Bank of Chile has announced a new $5,000 pesos bill that will enter circulation on September 24, 2009. This new version will gradually replace the current $5,000 pesos bill over time as current bank notes wear out and are retired. This new $5,000 pesos bill follows in the footsteps of the $2,000 pesos […]

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Posted September 2, 2009 in Business, In the News | Add Your Comment »

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