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Food Archive

Chilean Pan Amasado – Delicious Homemade Bread

Chileans love their bread, and it is a common Chilean food. Chilean pan amasado is a classic kneaded bread that is relatively easy to make. Literally translated, pan amasado is “kneaded bread”. How to make Chilean Pan Amasado There are various recipes of how to make Chilean pan amasado. Common ingredients include flour, yeast, salt, […]

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Posted March 21, 2012 in Food | 2 Comments »

Chilean Humitas Recipe

Humitas are a traditional Chilean dish that resembles tamales you might eat in Mexico. While each mamita has her own favorite Chilean humitas recipe, they all have several elements in common. Humitas Across Latin America The tradition of humitas dates back to before the arrival of Europeans. You’ll find variations of the humita throughout Latin […]

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Posted January 18, 2012 in Food | Add Your Comment »

Chilean Avocados – The Green Food You’ll Find Everywhere

Chilean avocados are a way of life in Chile. One thing you’ll notice after any amount of time in Chile is that avocado seems to be served with lots of foods. Why is Avocado so Popular in Chile? Chile’s climate and agricultural conditions make it idea for growing avocados. Did you know avocados grow on […]

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Posted November 30, 2011 in Food | 5 Comments »

Chilean Empanadas – A Delicious Food Tradition

Don’t leave Chile without eating a classic Chilean empanada. While empanadas in some form are found all over Latin America, Chile offers up its own variety. An empanada is a type of turnover where a thin pastry shell is stuffed with a filling and then cooked before serving. Chilean empanadas typically come in two popular […]

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Posted November 9, 2011 in Food | 4 Comments »

Chilean Completo – The Ultimate Hot Dog

Once you eat a Chilean completo, you’ll find it difficult to eat a regular, boring hot dog again. The completo literally translates to “complete” and is everything the name describes. While there are variations of completos, the basic version consists of: 1. A large hot dog roll, about twice as thick and long as the […]

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Posted October 5, 2011 in Food | 6 Comments »

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