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Chilean Regions – What are all these numbers about?

Chile is divided into 15 political regions. These Chilean regions, known as regiones, are similar to states in the United States or provinces in many countries around the world. Each of Chile’s regions is known by both a Roman numeral and a name. However, Chileans typically refer to the regions by just the number. This […]

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Posted February 22, 2012 in Ask Pepe, Travel Tips | 1 Comment »

What Electrical Adapters do You Need in Chile?

Electricity in Chile runs at 220 Volts and 50 Hz. Remember that you might need both a voltage converter and a plug adapter for your time in Chile. Chile Voltage Converter If your electrical appliance doesn’t run on 220 Volts and 50 Hz, you will need a voltage converter. This will keep you from frying […]

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Posted January 11, 2012 in Travel Tips | 3 Comments »

Paying in Cash? Avoid Large Bills in Chile

If you are ever in doubt of how you should pay for something in Chile, remember that cash is king. The official currency in Chile is the Chilean Peso and is accepted everywhere from taxis to small corner stores to large shopping malls. Chilean Pesos come in various denominations of bills or banknotes. Starting With […]

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Posted December 14, 2011 in Travel Tips | 3 Comments »

How much do you tip a waiter in Chile?

If you go to any restaurant in Chile, you’ll need to answer the question: “how much should I tip the waiter?” Regardless of the standard in your home country, the accepted norm for waiter tips in Chile is 10%. In fact, the bill you get will often suggest the tip or propina of 10%. The […]

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Posted November 2, 2011 in Ask Pepe, Travel Tips | 4 Comments »

Understanding Your Chilean Receipt

Chile loves receipts. Well, they don’t really “love” them – but they are everywhere. The law requires that every purchase be given a receipt. This is true even if you are spending a few pesos on a piece of candy. You’ll encounter this receipt bureaucracy as you travel around the country. Some smaller vendors will […]

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Posted October 12, 2011 in Culture, Travel Tips | 3 Comments »

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