Praise for Pepe's Chile

Everyone who plans to visit or live in Chile MUST read this book! It gives a through overview of what to expect. It is set in a an easy-to-read format and served as a good reference guide when I visited Chile.
Melanie K, (Utah, USA)

The book is very informative. Thanks for the direct and simple approach you use in the book.
- Dave H. (California, USA).

I lived in Chile for ten years myself, and find this to be an excellent resource. I think the book is very well done.
- Diana H. (Montana, USA)

It could be said that you are more Chilean than many of those born in Chile.
-Claudio (Santiago, Chile)

You are truly an encyclopedia of the country.
- Daniela T. (Santiago, Chile)

Thanks for letting people know about our beautiful country. At times foreigners value this beautiful land more highly than we do.
- Astroboy (Chile)

I learned so much and it linked me to lovely photos of the area. I will visit and it taught me so much about what to expect. Thanks.
- Lynda V. (California, USA)

Your explanations are very detailed, are easily understood, and we can show people from other countries and they understand quickly.
- Jorge C. (Venezuela)

All of this has enriched my love for Chile and its customs
- Francia A. (Copiapo, Chile)

It has been 10 years since we lived in Chile. We hope someday to return and continue to enjoy the kindness and love of the Chilean people. Thank you very much for refreshing my memory of those happy years. A big hug.
- Luciano P. (Argentina)

You have a very entertaining way of recounting things. Very well organized and entertaining. Congratulations.
- Yurena (Canarias, Spain)

I really enjoyed reading your work on Chilean slang, it was amazing.
- Jorge Luis A. (Arica, Chile)

Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile

What You Should to Know Before Arriving in Chile

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Join the thousands of people that have learned about Chilean culture with this ultimate Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile.

If you want to enjoy your trip to Chile and not look like a confused tourist – you’re not alone.

The Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile is designed to help you understand Chileans, their culture, food, language, and daily life so you can enjoy your time in this beautiful country and not be blindsided by culture shock.

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Who is this Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile for?

Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile is for anyone planning to visit Chile, including:

  • vacation travelers
  • exchange students
  • missionaries
  • business travelers
  • study abroad students
  • backpackers
  • people looking to relocate to Chile
  • foreigners working in Chile

What is the Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile?

The Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile is designed to help you survive the shock of Chilean culture so you can relax, soak in the experience, and know exactly what you’re about to see, hear, eat, and live.

By the end of this book you’ll:

  • learn the nuances of Chilean Spanish
  • know what you’ll eat on a daily basis
  • understand how to interact socially with Chileans
  • have a grasp of Chile’s role in the world
  • be prepared for Chile’s diverse landscapes and climate
  • be able to spot the Chilean flag
  • be conversant in key Chilean facts and points of interest
  • dispel the misconceptions of Chile you didn’t know you had
  • know how to greet and address Chileans by name
  • avoid social landmines
  • spot the hidden meaning of Chilean actions and speech
  • show up at the right time for appointments
  • know when it is appropriate to negotiate on price
  • realize what you can’t live without in a Chilean house
  • know how Chilean holidays could impact your visit
  • avoid massive culture shock by arriving prepared
  • be able to navigate Chile’s money system like a local
  • be familiar with your transportation options

All-in-all, this guide will transform you from a blissfully unaware gringo to an almost full-fledged Chilean from the moment you arrive in Chile.

culture book

About the Author

Author Joe RawlinsonJoe Rawlinson lived in Chile for two years and fell in love with the Chilean people and this beautiful country. Since 1998, he has helped thousands of people like you learn more about this wonderful country via his Pepe’s Chile website.

This book is NOT a tour guidebook. If that is what you’re looking for, check out one of these guidebooks.

P.S. If you want to make the most of your Chile trip, better understand the Chilean culture, and avoid unnecessary surprises and headaches, then buy your Chile culture guide right now.

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