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The Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile – This is an instantly downloadable e-book in PDF format. You can view this on any computer and many mobile devices.

Bonus #1: Video Collection – This collection has over 22 short videos that will show you different parts of Chile, the Chilean people, let you hear some authentic Chilean Spanish, and learn more about the Chilean culture. This is more than three and a half hours of instantly viewable online videos that will help prepare you for your stay in Chile.

Bonus #2: 14 Tips Other Chile Travel Guides Won’t Tell You – This 29 page e-book outlines 14 must-know travel tips for your trip to Chile. These tips will help you avoid unexpected travel surprises.

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guaranteeBuy this e-book and read it. If you’re not satisfied with the Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll refund your money – that’s how confident I am that this is a resource that will help you prepare for and be excited about your time in Chile.



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The Gringo’s Culture Guide to Chile – This is a paperback, printed version. You’ll have to wait for it to arrive but can then enjoy it like any other book on your bookshelf.