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Puente Alto Chile Pictures

The first sector I served in was in Las Nieves. This area was situated around the area of Avenida Gabriela and Avenida La Florida in Puente Alto. We were right up against the beautiful Andes mountains. Notice the telephone poles were made from concrete.

September 18th is Chilean Independence Day (notice the Chile flag hanging in the background). Chileans love to fly their kites, especially during this festive month. Here I am doing just that. Notice in the background how the houses have fences around them. This was very common. To get into a house you have to yell "halo" and the person would come to the door.

Here I am with my trusty bike (which was eventually stolen) behind the El Peñon subdivision en Puente Alto. This was on the edge of an orchard. By the time I left Chile, this green area had all been turned into new duplexes.

To the east of Puente Alto and up the canyon was the waterfall seen below. The was near Cajón del Maipo. We had to take a bus for awhile and then hike up the canyon to get here.

Below is a typical street in my area of Puente Alto. Usually buses were going up and down the street, not horse drawn carts.

Every week there was a street market called a feria. They sold all kinds of food including fish. Here I am in one of their carts.

Los Andes tower over a section of two story duplexes in my area. They rise up on the east side of Puente Alto.

This is the house in which my companion and I lived in Puente Alto. We shared it with the Lepileo family, a young couple with a little boy named Enzo. They took really good care of us. One of the best places I lived during my entire mission.

The family my companion and I lived with is seen below: Enzo, Hugo, Me, & Paola:


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