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San Bernardo Chile Pictures

My third sector was in the San Martin ward in San Bernardo. My companion was my "greenie", or new missionary that I was training: Elder Milanés. Below I'm at the mission home picking him up. Left to right: Sister Hall, President Hall, Elder Milanés, Me.

During the winter we would use a propane powered stove or estufa to keep warm. Here we are roasting marshmallows!

It often rained all winter long. When it did rain, the streets would flood as there was no place for the water to go. My companion was from northern Chile where it is the driest desert in the world. He had never seen so much rain in his entire life.

On top of Cerro Chena overlooking San Bernardo and the Andes in the distance.

All the smog in the atmosphere made for some spectacular sunsets.

View of a typical neighborhood in this area of San Bernardo. My area had quite a diverse collection of wealthy housing and much poorer neighborhoods. This one is about in the middle of that spectrum.

All the cemeteries that I saw were like this one: above ground. My understanding was the the family of the deceased had to pay rent on the slot where someone was buried. If rent was not paid, the body was taken out and buried in a common grave. This could be avoided by paying a large sum of money up front in place of rent.

Here I am with the mamita that took care of us. Four missionaries lived in this house that was attached to a little store that she ran. She had been taking care of missionaries for years and called us all "bebitos" or little babies.


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