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Arrive by Air to Santiago Chile

When flying into Santiago Chile, you can wake up to an incredible view. The sun rising above the towering peaks of the Andes mountains is breathtaking. It feels like you can reach out and touch the peaks of the mountains.

If you fly into Santiago, I recommend you get a seat on the left side of the plane so you can experience this wonderful panorama. Chile is such a narrow country that on the flight in you can look out the left side of the plane and see the Andes. You turn to the right side of the plane and you see the Pacific Ocean.

Andes view from plane

Andes view from plane

Andes view from plane

Andes view from plane

Here are some videos of how landing in Santiago looks from the airplane.

Are you going to Chile?

Arriving in Chile is just the beginning of your experience. Avoid culture shock by reading the Gringo's Culture Guide to Chile.



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