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Chile Currency

The official currency of Chile is the Chilean Peso. The peso comes in many denominations of both bills and coins. The bills come in various colors and the coins in different colors and sizes. Please see the Chilean Peso section for more specific information on Chile's currency.

Currency Exchange

If you are traveling to Chile, exchange your money for pesos before arriving or at the airport. You can find better rates at exchange houses (most easily found in Santiago or other major cities) but if your travel plans won't take you near one of these, I recommend you leave the airport with the Chilean Pesos you'll need. If you need to find an exchange house, ask a local or take a guide book with you.

Which Pesos Can You Use?

The larger the peso bill, the less likely that the business or person with whom you are dealing will accept it. The larger peso bills like the $20000 and $10000 bills are best suited when your purchase price is in that range. Don't pull out a large bill for a small taxi fare or when you buy an ice cream. I recommend that you save your big bills for large purchases and keep lots of smaller bills handy for regular purchases. You will rarely see the smallest denominations of peso coins.

Current Exchange Rate

The Chilean Peso traditionally holds up well against the US Dollar. You can calculate current exchange rates with our currency converter.

Are you going to Chile?

You need to know more than just pesos to have a great stay in Chile. Avoid culture shock by reading the Gringo's Culture Guide to Chile.



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