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Traveling to Chile?

Learn the secrets of Chilean culture that every gringo should know:

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Pepe's Chile Travel Guide

Getting to Chile

Flying into Chile can be a beautiful journey. But don't go without being prepared. You'll need a good travel guide and a culture guide.

Public Transportation in Santiago Chile

Have a seat and hold on because you are going on the ride of your life! After I left the peaceful flight into Santiago, my days of transportation were packed with excitement.

inside busMost of my adventures in Chile occurred on public transportation. Santiago has an extensive public transportation system so many people take the bus or subway to work or across town.

The details of my micro experiences reflect how public transportation worked during my stay in Chile (1995-1997).

In 2005 Santiago began a major upgrade of its public transportation system known as Transantiago. This system aims to correct the problems of the older system via new buses, routes, payment options, and technology. Unfortunately, things haven't gone very well with Transantiago and it has created lots of problems for Santiago residents who need to catch a bus. You may want to avoid that hassle and take a cab, the metro, or rent a car.

Are you going to Chile?

You can have fun traveling across Chile but you need to be ready. Avoid culture shock by reading the Gringo's Culture Guide to Chile.



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