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Chile's Subway: the Santiago Metro

metro logoSantiago has a very modern, clean, and efficient underground subway system known as the Metro.

Mass Transit

The Metro is an integral part of Santiago's overall public transportation system. The Metro lines are centered in downtown Santiago and spread outward towards the suburbs. A companion bus system known as the Metrobus integrates with the subway stops. These blue buses, similar to the micros, follow routes that go between outlying areas and metro stops.

Metro Routes

metro mapThe Metro's system of lines and stations is slowly spreading across most of Santiago. The Metro currently has 4 lines in operation and is expanding its system to reach even farther outward from the city center.

View large route map.

Metro Stations

Many of the Metro stations boast beautiful architecture and design. Stations frequently house works of art including paintings and sculptures. The Metro stops are clean, spacious, and easy to navigate.

inside metro station

Cost to Ride the Metro

ticketThe Metro system utilizes a varying fare rate based on the time of day you travel. Prices are higher during peak rush hours (7:00-9:00 and 18:00-20:00) and lower in the middle of the day, evenings, and weekends. Fares average around $400 pesos or about $0.75 USD. Discounts are given to students and senior citizens. For current rates, see their fare page (in Spanish).


My experiences on the Metro were always very positive. The service is clean, safe, and very quick. You may have some trouble during peak travel times. These times bring large crowds and cramped station platforms that quickly fill the subway cars to capacity. However, during non-peak times, the Metro is a pleasure to ride.

Are you going to Chile?

You can have fun on the Metro in Santiago too but you need to be ready. Avoid culture shock by reading the Gringo's Culture Guide to Chile.



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